Steeped in history and empowered by technology, George Wilson Industries and GMT represent a union of expertise and ability. The companies have enormous strength in depth, not just from each other, but as part of BI Group Plc they have access to a worldwide pool of engineering resources.

The BI Group brings additional strength and investment to two companies that have a long record of excellence. With over 115 years' combined experience, GWi and GMT have proud traditions: George Wilson founded his company in England in 1903 and GMT have links to the very first gas meters, made by Julius Pintsch in 1847.

GWi's operations centre around production for the domestic utilities markets but their services go much further: industrial, commercial and domestic refurbishment and recalibration have become as much a hallmark of GWi as their meters and regulators.

GWi are complemented by GMT . GMT produce meters and regulators for the European domestic, commercial and industrial markets, where regional pressure differences necessitate need for multiple products. The innovation of plastic components for the gas meter diaphragm mechanism has enabled GMT to produce more quality meters at a lower cost for today's efficiency-demanding utility companies.

GWi are located in the United Kingdom, with GMT operating out of bases in Germany and Hungary. Between them they are ideally situated to serve not only Europe, but gas markets around the world.

The BI Group culture of investment in people and technology plays a vital role in GWi and GMT. The manufacturing process at both companies combines the latest environmentally controlled plant equipment with highly skilled personnel. It is this harmony between technology and people that has lead to both companies acquiring all the major quality approvals.

Forming a powerful team, GWi and GMT can meet the needs of gas utility companies across the globe.